Julia is a jeweler, which is convenient name-wise. She is also a writer, singer, performer, and enthusiasm enthusiast. She loves jewelry and decided to start making it herself, and will make it for you as well! Julia has a BFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University, with two minors in Art History and Film Production. Jewelry-wise, she has trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the David Benlolo Studio in NYC. She specializes in lost wax casting and Rhinoceros for CAD.

Here are some other things she has done in her life:

  1. She has written for children’s television shows, such as Peg & Cat on PBS.
  2. She has written & worked on websites for Nickelodeon.
  3. She lost 110 pounds in the year 2015, and has kept it off (she will update this fact if it changes).
  4. She has pet over 200 dogs in the last 6 months (again, she will update this when it changes).
  5. She has air-guitared with Stephen Colbert, tweeted with The Rock, and once received a smile from Alan Rickman.
  6. She once floated in zero-gravity for a total of seven minutes.